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1. "Gift Certificate" is not a security or payment document.

2. The "Gift Certificate" grants the Bearer the right to purchase spa services from the range of services: Siam Herbs spa at a discount that corresponds to the face value of the "Gift Certificate", at the prices indicated on the website at the time of purchase of the service.

3. The right to use the "Gift Certificate" belongs to the person who presents it. "Gift Certificate" has an electronic form of a card, on which its unique individual code is applied.

4. The face value of the "Gift Certificate" is indicated in rubles.

5. The "Gift Certificate" can be used once during its validity period, by full payment of the amount of its face value, presenting it when making the payment. After the presentation of the "Gift Certificate" its individual code is canceled.

6. “Gift Certificate” is not personalized.

7. During the promotional period, the "Gift Certificate" does not apply to services with special prices, discounts and gifts.

8. When placing an order using a certificate, the buyer must inform the manager of the individual code of the "Gift Certificate" when confirming the order.

9. The cost of spa services may exceed the face value of the "Gift Certificate". In this case, the buyer must pay the difference between the value of the “Gift Certificate” and the cost of the spa service in cash.

10. If the cost of spa services is less than the face value of the "Gift Certificate", the difference will not be refunded to the buyer.

11. In case of termination of the sales contract and return of the spa service purchased using the "Gift Certificate", the refund for the spa services is carried out by issuing a new "Gift Certificate" of the same denomination as the certificate with which it was a refundable spa service was purchased. If the cost of the returned spa service at the time of purchase exceeded the nominal value of the certificate and the buyer paid the difference in cash, upon termination of the sales contract, this amount of the difference is refunded.

12. The "Gift Certificate" cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent or returned.

13. In case of loss, the "Gift Certificate" cannot be restored.

14. Only individuals can pay for goods with a certificate. Legal entities cannot pay partially or completely for the purchase of spa services with certificates.

15. The administration of Siam Herbs Spa has the right not to accept the "Gift Certificate" if there are doubts about its validity.

16. The administration of Siam Herbs Spa reserves the right to change the rules for using the "Gift Certificate".